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This section is dedicated to movie reviews. Our focus is on helping you find good movies that you can safely watch with your children. Read the reviews and ratings carefully so that you can make your own informed decisions about whether this movie is appropriate for you and if you need to hit the forward or skip button at any point. Many movies are excellent and highly enjoyable but they have just one or two tiny scenes that are not appropriate and can be skipped.

Home Film (2015)

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      Home (2015)  Appropriateness Rating: Don’t Miss It Entertainment Rating: Awesome         Home is a 2015 cartoon film about some aliens called the Boov who are looking for a planet to take over and hide in from their enemy the Gorg. They decide to settle on planet Earth and they invade […]

Jurassic World Film (2015)

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      Jurassic World Film (2015)  Appropriateness Rating: To Avoid Entertainment Rating: Great         Jurassic World is a 2015 movie that revived the Jurassic Park franchise. It takes place a few years after the incidents in Jurassic Park and now the “amusement” park is fully operational with many visitors coming to see […]

Kingdom of Heaven Film (2005)

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      Kingdom of Heaven Film (2005) Appropriateness Rating: Good (if you skip some scenes) Entertainment Rating: Awesome         Kingdom of Heaven is a movie about the crusades which surprised many viewers by the balanced portrayal of Islam and Muslim characters it showed, a portrayal which is so different from what […]

Castle in the Sky (1986) Film

Cover art for the Castle int he Sky Album believed to be copyright to Joe Hishashi. Used under fair use.

    Castle in the Sky (1986)  Appropriateness Rating: Don’t Miss it! Entertainment Rating: Great       Castle in the Sky is a wonderful anime movie full of adventure, fun, and flying machines! This film centers around the life of Sheeta, a young girl who manages to escape her kidnappers and falls from the airship she […]

Dennis the Menace (1993) Film

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    Dennis the Menace (1993) Film  Appropriateness Rating: Don’t Miss It Entertainment Rating: Awesome           Dennis the Menace is a 1993 comedy movie about a young boy Dennis who can’t help giving others, especially his old neighbor Mr Wilson, a very hard time. He drives every adult around him crazy […]

The Hobbit Movies (2012-2014)


        The Hobbit Movies (2012-2014)  Appropriateness Rating: Don’t Miss It Entertainment Rating: Awesome       The Hobbit movies are based on a classic book written for children in 1937 (click Here for my book review) and while these three movies are not as great (or as appropriate) as the book they […]

Bushwhacked 1995

bushwhcked movie picture

    Bushwhacked (1995)  Appropriateness Rating: Don’t miss it. Entertainment Rating: Awesome     Bushwhacked is an excellent movie about a delivery man, Max, who gets into trouble when he delivers packages of stolen money for a criminal. The criminal fakes his own death and Max gets blamed for it. He grabs a gun from the FBI […]

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