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Welcome to This is the first online location dedicated to providing you with Movie, TV, and Book reviews from an Islamic perspective so that you can make informed decisions about what to read and watch and especially what to show your kids.
On this website you can find detailed information that will help you decide what to watch and what to avoid. We will also provide some analysis of the negative images, themes, and messages in media so that you can have discussions with your child or teen about why something is not right for us as Muslims.

Of course each Muslim family has their own philosophy about what they allow and how they handle inappropriate materials. Our reviews aim to provide as much detail as possible so that even if you don’t agree with our rating or opinion you can still find information that is useful for you.

Our Reviews 
All of our reviews feature an Appropriateness Rating, an Entertainment Rating, warnings about inappropriate content and a discussion of any ideas and values which might worry parents or which might be slightly different from Islamic ideas and values.


Appropriateness Ratings:
  • Without Reservation – contains no inappropriate content, safe and clean
  • Don’t Miss it! – some inappropriate content that can be skipped
  • Good – more inappropriate content that you will need to skip and discuss
  • To Avoid – so much inappropriate content that we recommend you avoid it
  • Serious Concerns – very negative impact, have a serious discussion with your child or teen if you find that they are watching, playing, or reading this


Entertainment Ratings 

  1. Epic (highest)
  2. Awesome
  3. Great
  4. For a Rainy Day
  5. Boring (lowest)


Comment Policy

Please keep your comments respectful and keep in mind that your comment is your opinion. This is not the place to be making fatwas or telling another person why their opinion is wrong, but it can be a great place for discussing why our opinions may differ. Also, please keep in mind that some of our contributors and readers are younger than you – we hope that you can model the best Islamic behavior and brotherhood/sisterhood for them in your comments.

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