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Home Film (2015)

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Home (2015) 

Appropriateness Rating: Don’t Miss It

Entertainment Rating: Awesome





Home is a 2015 cartoon film about some aliens called the Boov who are looking for a planet to take over and hide in from their enemy the Gorg. They decide to settle on planet Earth and they invade it quickly, using their superior technology to put all the humans on Australia so they can have the rest of the planet for themselves. One huan girl manages to escape being kidnapped on the day of the invasion and she hides out near her home waiting for her mother to return. She eventually teams up with Oh – a lonely, friendless Boov who keeps making mistakes – and they travel together in hopes of finding her mother. As the travel together they learn more about each other and Oh realizes that the Boov made a mistake in colonizing Earth and thinking the humans were just stupid.

It’s a great adventure movie with many good messages and themes and very few inappropriate things. The only inappropriate scenes that you may want to skip or discuss with your child are examples of slightly rude “humor”. Overall, it’s a great movie, don’t miss it!

Warnings: some childish rude language, toilet jokes, rude dancing

There are a few instances in the movie when they use words like “butt” and “poo” and so on. Also, one scene in which they discuss going to the bathroom and “number one” “number two” and “number 3” which is an alien thing apparently. In the same scene the alien then goes to the bathroom and without knowing what it is drinks from the toilet water and then finds out it’s gross. This is the kind of stupid toilet humor that is often found in movies which is not really appropriate, but you can simply skip it or just explain to your kids why it’s rude/not funny.

There is also a scene in which the Boov is listening to human music for the first time and his body starts to uncontrollably dance and they talk about “shaking” his “booty” and then he begins to shake his butt in a rude way (again unintentionally, but it’s still rude).

Ideas and Morals: dancing

In this movie there are two instances in which the characters dance, not in a rude boyfriend girlfriend kind of way, but they still dance and shake their butts and talk about shaking butts and in a mixed atmosphere. This is not only presented as being OK and perfectly normal, but dancing in this way is presented as being a positive thing so it’s something to be aware of if your kids are very young.

Themes and Messages: anti-colonial message, friendship between people who are different, understanding different cultures, importance of family, etc. 

There are some great themes and messages in this movie as well. Friendship, looking past appearances, and learning about different cultures are all great messages that are presented in this movie. A very positive thing about this movie as well is that the main character is a Black girl from Barbados so it presents a good role model of a girl of color, which is very rare in the big movies.

The main theme of the movie is the importance of family. The main character spends the entire film trying to find her mother and on the way she teaches the Boov character, Oh, about the importance of family and he starts to appreciate this and uses this new knowledge to resolve the movie’s final conflict.

Another theme running through this movie is the anti-colonial message. It shows the Boov’s colonial attitude in taking over earth and not caring about the humans as clearly wrong and this is handled in a surprisingly great way in the film, which I honestly did not expect!


Overall, don’t miss this movie, it’s one of the best recently released cartoon movies and is full of good messages rather than the usual nonsense. As long as you’re aware of the minor negative points and discuss them with your child this should be an overall clean movie to show your kids, even young ones!


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