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Castle in the Sky (1986) Film

Cover art for the Castle int he Sky Album believed to be copyright to Joe Hishashi. Used under fair use.

Cover art for the Castle in the Sky Album believed to be copyright to Joe Hishashi. Fair use for purpose of identification.



Castle in the Sky (1986) 

Appropriateness Rating: Don’t Miss it!

Entertainment Rating: Great




Castle in the Sky is a wonderful anime movie full of adventure, fun, and flying machines! This film centers around the life of Sheeta, a young girl who manages to escape her kidnappers and falls from the airship she was being held in. She is found by an orphan boy named Pazu and together they work to uncover the mystery of why Sheeta’s kidnappers are so eager to recapture her. Because I am determined to be very careful with the appropriateness ratings on this site I have rated this movie Don’t Miss It! but the inappropriate content is barely there.

Warnings: awkwardness between genders

The only inappropriate thing in this film is a couple of awkward interactions that occur when Sheeta is traveling with a gang of Pirates. The pirates are all a bunch of brothers and their leader is their mother. When Sheeta joins them the pirates all fight over a chance to look at her as she works and they all want to help her cook and clean all of a sudden. Sometimes their faces turn red when she’s around, etc. Unfortunately, looking at this film from the lens of being in today’s society these interactions are a little awkward and your kids may comment on it or you may want to talk to them about appropriate interactions between genders. It’s also quite awkward that these are all grown men and Sheeta is quite young. If we look at the movie innocently it is fine/innocent, but unfortunately we live in times when everything around us is aggressively sexualized, which is what might make these scenes seem awkward.

Messages: not giving up, helping others, abuse of power and resources, greed

The main theme of the movie is about the destructive power of human greed. The villains in the movie all have a greedy thirst for control and power and the main heroes in the end have to sacrifice the beautiful marvel of the city of Laputa and their desire to have it revealed in order to save the world from this greed and abuse. It’s a wonderful adventure with many more great messages like the importance of helping others and working together, not giving up, etc.


Overall, this is an excellent movie you shouldn’t miss. A true classic of anime that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

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  1. Superb review, alawys great to see Studio Ghibli getting coverage. Although Laputa: Castle In The Sky isn’t my favourite film from the studio, I absolutely love the design and artwork, especially of the towering robots. There is actually a full size statue of one of the robots at the Studio Ghibli museum in Japan I fully intend to get my picture taken with it one day!

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