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The Hobbit Movies (2012-2014)

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The Hobbit Movies (2012-2014) 

Appropriateness Rating: Don’t Miss It

Entertainment Rating: Awesome




The Hobbit movies are based on a classic book written for children in 1937 (click Here for my book review) and while these three movies are not as great (or as appropriate) as the book they are still excellent entertainment for Muslim families. They don’t quite achieve an Epic rating because they are a little too long and some events from the book were changed, but they are still very fun adventures overall. I will review each one separately so you can get an idea of how appropriate each one is by itself:


The Hobbit 1: An Unexpected Journey 

This movie moves a little bit slowly and it might bore those who aren’t already fans of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, but after the first half hour or so it becomes exciting. There are no inappropriate scenes, but it does include drinking.

It’s a great movie that revolves around the first half of the Hobbit book with the main plot revolving around the relationship between Bilbo and the dwarves who don’t think he’s a very good choice for a companion on their adventure at first, but soon come to realize that he can contribute and help them out when they need him.


The Hobbit 2: The Desolation of Smaug

This second movie continues from where the first one left off and it is much more action-packed than the first. Unfortunately, it also contains a love story between one of the dwarves and an elf character who never existed in the book. In this movie the love story takes place only through words and does not include any kissing or anything like that. The most you can see is that the characters show an obvious concern for each other’s well-being. Overall, in this movie the inappropriate can be ignored without much need to forward or anything.

The movie revolves around the dwarves and Bilbo reaching the mountain and coming face to face with the dragon Smaug.


The Hobbit 3: Battle of the Five Armies 

This movie is still in the cinemas as I write this review and your kids might want to go watch it in the cinema. You should be aware that in this movie there is a kissing scene. It’s quite short – I missed it the first time I saw the movie because someone passed in front of me in the cinema for a second – but it is still there and you should talk to your kids about it and tell them to look away (they should look away when Tauriel is crying over Kili). You should also discuss with them that this is inappropriate behavior for Muslims. In the case of this movie even the non-Muslim fans did not like the love story and felt that it was ridiculous and should not have been added so it is easy to talk to your kids about movie-makers’ tendency to stuff these inappropriate things in despite them not even fitting in the story.

Other than that one scene the movie was excellent and action-packed. It had many great themes including the negative effects of greed and the need to work together, and the importance of keeping your word and kindness to others. Again, one of the most poignant aspects of this movie is in the relationship between the Hobbit Bilbo and the dwarves. It was the best of the 3 hobbit movies in terms of the story and the pace. If your kids are very young it might be a little too violent for them so you should check it out yourself first or compare it to things they’ve already seen before.

One last thing I will say about these movies is that they don’t show a lot of blood. There are orcs and battles and deaths, but for some reason no blood. You should discuss this with your kids and talk to them about how it doesn’t accurately portray the negative effects of war.


Overall, these are great movies for lovers of fantasy and adventure and they are much cleaner than most things out there these days, even cartoons! There is a tiny love story present that was not there in the book, but it shouldn’t prevent you from watching the movies in general, just be a bit more careful.

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  1. Pi is the boy’s name and it has nothing to do with the maceamhtital pi. Although there may have been a small discussion about the correlation in the book, it is not hugely relevant. Pi is short for his full name, Piscine Molitor Patel (he is named after a swimming pool). He changes it to Pi when he begins secondary school, because he is tired of being taunted with the nickname, Pissing Patel ( Piscine sounds like Pissing ).I have not been paying much attention to hype these days and I was surprised to see that it was even being made into a movie. A friend of mine recommended and lent the book to me when I was between books earlier this year or last year. I did love it a lot and it won a famous prize for fiction, The Man Booker Prize, so I’m not totally surprised, I guess, that others could have liked it as much as I did. Its super imaginative and lush and I can see how it would translate easily into a visually rich modern movie.

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