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Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

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Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (1984) 

Appropriateness Rating: Without Reservations

Entertainment Rating: Awesome


Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (1984) is a Miyazaki Anime movie about the young princess of a small village on the edge of a toxic jungle. She is a very compassionate and competent princess who cares not only for her fellow humans but even for the dangerous insects of the toxic jungle! When the airplane of some war-like people crashes near her valley and brings trouble Nausicaa goes on a journey full of adventure and danger, a journey that might bring her closer to understanding the secrets of the toxic jungle. This is an excellent movie for the whole family that we can recommend without reservations!


I had to think very hard to find something to “warn” about in this movie and even after thinking hard I didn’t find much. In her journey Nausicaa meets Asbel, a pilot from another kingdom, and saves his life. In return Asbel helps her along her journey and at one point they are stuck in the toxic jungle and they must sleep before continuing their journey. They talk in a friendly manner before falling asleep a few feet away from each other. Nothing is implied in this situation at all in the way it’s portrayed, but obviously if they were Muslim they would take care not to be too friendly and not to sleep that close to each other in such a situation.

Another quick annoyance I had was at one point when a plane is crashing Nausicaa gets her pet squirrel to hide inside her shirt to stay safe. She opens the top of her shirt a bit to let the squirrel in and the tiniest bit of extra flesh shows. It’s blink and you’ll miss it quick, but I did find it a bit annoying in the sense of why did it have to be there in the first place!

You can tell I’m stretching!  Really compared to any entertainment out there this movie is the cleanest most appropriate thing you’ll find!

Themes: anti-pollution, compassion, peace, helping others 

Nausicaa is the perfect example of a role model. She’s kind and caring and always helps others. What makes her special in this movie is that she’s able to look past the fact that the insects of the toxic jungle are dangerous and see that they are innocent living creatures that should not be harmed. Several times throughout the movie she puts herself at risk to save others whether they be human or insect.

The movie has a very big message against pollution and war. The world Nausicaa lives in is a post-apocalyptic world which has been destroyed by past wars and by the rampant pollution they caused. Throughout the movie Nausicaa uncovers the ugly face of these ancient wars and the heavy toll that pollution has caused people. She also discovers that the answers are not in conflict and killing the insects or trying to stamp them out, but rather in living harmoniously with these creatures and striving for peace and calm.

If I had to describe the main character, Nausicaa, in just one sentence I’d say that she always stands up for what’s right and that is a trait of the best role models – something very difficult, almost impossible, to find in modern media!


If you haven’t seen this movie yet you should go see it right away no matter what your age. It’s a true masterpiece.

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