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The Clockwork Three

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The Clockwork Three (2010) 

Appropriateness Rating: Don’t Miss it!

Entertainment Rating: Awesome




The Clockwork Three is about three kids living in the same city who each face a problem and can only fix it with each other’s help. Guiseppe is a young Italian boy who is forced to work as a busker for an evil man. He dreams of making enough money to buy a boat ticket back to Italy and when he finds a green violin his dream seems possible. Hannah is a young girl whose father is paralyzed. She becomes responsible for making money for her family. Frederick is an apprentice clock-maker whose past in an orphanage is haunting him. He dreams of making a clockwork man and becoming a master of his craft. Together they help each other solve their problems and reach their goals. This book is very enjoyable. There are vague hints of Frederick and Hannah being attracted to each other but this is barely noticeable and the book is otherwise excellent.

Messages: working together, honesty

The main theme of this book is working together. None of the characters would have been able to fix their problems without the help of the others. In this book Hannah learns the importance of honesty. She is tempted to steal a jewel when its owner seems to be betraying her, but then she realizes that her actions were wrong no matter what.


I would highly recommend this book.


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